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We promote Preventive Health care awareness & Primary Healthcare


We primarily focus on preventive health care and primary health care services

Preventive health care services which constitutes to regular health checkups , screening to prevent illness , disease and other health related problems . Preventive health care in India is definitely not cheaper and the awareness of its essentiality in one’s life  is very very minimal Here with we first educate and bring awareness among our customers on The preventive health care and its essentiality in their family life and also provide them with solutions.

Primary healthcare is the first contact a person has with the health system when they have a health problem . In India  a developing nation where majority of the population falls below middle class cannot afford to access quality health care often when required for thier family .Post health checkups made a customer needs to visit a general physician or specialist basis the outcome of Health check screening results and at this juncture we provide our beloved customer with various solutions ensuring access to quality health care more affordable


We intend to bring the below awareness with our customers

1.Promoting preventive health care awareness & emphasizing on the services of primary health care
2. Focus on complete Primary health care right from consultation, lab investigations, pharmacy, daycare treatments, post hospitalisation etc.,
3.A discount card that enables a discount on every medical expense made 
4. Without any age criteria , provides customized plans for all with any pre-existing illness conditions too.
5. Privilege access to top-quality health care made easy and affordable by all.

We promised to take care… and delivered

Testimonials Slider Feature

  • I utilised their Healthcare services for my parents regular healthcheckup  , the service was really good and I accessed reports without stepping out of my home
    Mr.Abhishek , Age -35 years -Bangalore
  • The dental plan helped to get my rootcanal treatment with discounts and also I got free cleaning ,scaling which was worth almost 1500 savings , zero dental consultation charges
    Ms.Ankita , Age 30 years - Coimbatore
  • I am using their health card to avail discounts in my regular doctor visits , they refer me always to top 3 hospitals in chennai
    Mr.Ramachandra Age 65 years - Chennai
  • I utilised complete healthcheck & dental program which helped me to detect few issues related to lipid profile and i got my free doctor consultation under the same program , now i understood the necessity of undergoing health checkup regularly

    By Mr.Srinith - Hyderabad Age 65 years - Chennai
  • I am often using the medical discount card and it is helping me to get discounts on all my regular blood tests & monthly medicines.

    By Mr.Diwakar Chennai