Family Health Plan A


Contents : 2 preventive health checkups + 2 dental packages + 4 family discount cards  (valid for one year)*

– Covers FOUR FAMILY MEMBERS in the family 

– This plan is a combination of Preventive healthcare + Primary Healthcare services

– Preventive Health care packages – Complete cash less programs 

– Primary Health care Packages – A discount card that facilitates discounts on all health related  expenses    

– This plan is recommended for individual families comprising four members 



– 2 Full body health check packages provided for two primary members of the family

– This test gives results of main profiles in your body namely lipid (cholesterol), liver, iron deficiency , renal ( kidney), Thyroid, haemogram,diabetic screening etc., 

– This preventive health check package gives results of upto 60 tests on the above mentioned profiles 

– These tests report will be emailed to you in 24hrs -48hrs from the respective lab

Dental package 

– 2 Dental cleaning/scaling packages provided to any two family members 

– Dental packages will be provided for your family with our empaneled dentist for a absolute free cleaning and scaling procedures

-Teeth cleaning is part of oral hygiene and involves the removal of dental plaque from teeth with the intention of preventing cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease

Primary Health care - Medical Discount card


-“Membership card that facilitates discount on many health related expenses “

– “Covers 4 family members  of ANY AGE”


  • Free dental consultations – Unlimited count for a family of four members 

  • Discounts on cleaning & scaling procedures – Upto 25%

  • Discounts on further treatments upto10%-15%


– Discounts on doctor consultations  – upto 10%-25%

– Discounts on day care treatments  – upto  10%-25%

 -Discounts on treatments Multispeciality or super speciality hospitals – Upto 10%-15%


–   Discounts on all pathology tests like blood check ups / investigations etc., – Upto 20%

–  Discounts on Radiology ( xray / CT / MRI ) scans –  Upto 30%


– Discounts on all pharmacy bill orders online , minimum order above 500rs – Upto 20% 


  • A total savings of upto Rs 22000* on all medical related expenses can be observed during one year by availing all the above benefits using the discount card & by utilising the cashless preventive health check and dental packages

  • If the plan is chosen for elderly people with chronic diseases / any preexisting illness background the savings can be even more than mentioned above 

  • This plan is for individual familiy

  • Many more add on benefits which gets communicated when available 

& Add on benefits