Terms & Conditions

AAROGYA India healthcare services are in the business of providing various health benefits to its subscribed members, the services are related to providing discounts on hospital expenses like consultations, treatments, labs, clinics, and other preventive health check packages.

The Terms are intended specifically for promotion of preventive health care and primary health care services with discount card access where members will be entitled to various discounts on the services availed through Aarogya India health care services at its tie-up facilities.

-Aarogya India health care services is not an insurance company and not regulated by IRDA. services offered by  Aarogya India health care services ARE NOT HEALTH INSURANCE POLICIES. The company provides its Members with discounted services through Medical Service Providers at certain locations and access to its network.

-The benefits provided through the Services are not applicable if you claim insurance benefits on the medical services provided.

-The company reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without any obligation, to make improvements to, or correct any error or omissions in, any component of, or term relating to, the Services or any voucher / product  issued to you and update information from time to time.

-By utilising the product / services , you hereby unconditionally give your consent, for the company to contact you by telephone, SMS or any other mode in relation to the Services as well as for promotion of its services and products; irrespective of the fact that your mobile number may be registered with DND/DNC registry.

-Coupons / voucher /offers / services issued to you as part of the Services and are not     redeemable for any cash exchanges

-We don’t directly endorse any medical services provider be it Hospital, lab or specific clinic however we recommend the best medical facility that suits the customer’s need at the time of fixing these appointments.

-Aarogya Healthcare services reserve its right, without any liability whatsoever, to refuse, limit, suspend, vary or discontinue the provision of any of the Services at any time for any reasonable cause as may deem fit.

-The Terms of Use, any Specific Service Terms, the Medical Service Providers’ own terms of service, and the Services may periodically change, thus you are hereby requested to call our customer service call center or visit our website to check these before making an appointment with any Medical Service Provider.

Duration of the membership: Once the initial membership fee is paid by you and received by the company, you will become an aarogya health care services Member and will be entitled to the Services during from such date until the date of expiry stated on the membership card which will be sent to you.

RENEWAL: Members may be informed by the company about expiry of membership at least one month in advance of their membership card expiry date. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the company receives the payment for renewal of membership at least two weeks prior to the membership card expiry date. Services in the event your renewal payment is delayed ,Your access to the Services will be suspended from the expiry date on your current membership card

RENEWAL FEES: The charges for renewal can be confirmed from a month before the expiry date of your membership by calling the helpdesk number. All benefits of the Services will cease upon the expiry of your membership .

CARD MISSING / FADED/ LOST : In case of loss of membership card, company will issue you with a duplicate membership card at a charge of Rs. 250 /- per card . The tenure of the membership will remain as specified in the initial membership card, and will also be stated on the replacement card. You will be solely responsible until you report your lost card to help desk.

REFUND  OR CANCELLATION  : Within 15 days from the time of receiving the membership kit , For any clarifications, you can reach up to our customer care for any clarifications required. if found not satisfied you will be entitled to a 100% refund of the amount paid. Please note Post utilisation of any of the services refund won’t be entertained. In case of a full refund with in 15days, we will reverse the amount holding a basic processing or service fees which will be communicated at the time of processing the refund.

Refund once considered will take 10-14 working days to process

Discounts in consultations / treatments across clinics / hospitals / nursing homes will vary from hospital to hospital and we provide you an assistance only with discount card access which will provide you discount on the bill for the mentioned services .discounts will start from 5% and would go upto 50% basis various health care facilities and the service utilised by the member .

Doc consult voucher : To utilise the voucher with in validity time period. If validity time period is exceeded then company care reserves its right to extend the validity upon customer request by charging a basic fee extra, Hospital registration charges ( varies from hospital to hospital) if any needs to be borne by the member itself .this package is valid only for OPD consultation and depends upon the availability of the doctor. The hospital reserves its right to put forth the consultation to any available duty doctor or specialist whosoever available during the time of appointment. This package is valid across only the company network hospitals. Appointments are subject to the availability of doctors and time slots.

Dental services: To utilise the voucher with in validity time period., Treatment quality and results are sole responsibility of the dentist partner and the company is only a facilitator in organising appointment and is not responsible for the tests results obtained from the dental clinic. If customer’s residence is in non-serviceable area then customer might have to visit the nearest dental clinic on our panel to avail services , details will be provided by the customer care medical officer upon seeking appointment .

Preventive health packages : To utilise the voucher with in validity time period. If validity time period is exceeded then the company reserves its right to extend the validity upon customer request by charging a basic fee extra,collection of the sample , tests quality and reports delivery are the sole responsibility of the lab partner and access to health care is only a facilitator in organising tests and is not responsible for the reports or tests results obtained from the lab partner . If customer’s residence is in non-serviceable area then customer might have to visit the nearest lab partner , details will be provided by the customer care medical officer .

– The Medical Facilities provided to Members shall in no event be of a lower quality or degree of care than the similar services provided to any other patient/customer of the Medical Practitioner. The Medical Practitioner shall not refuse to render the Medical Facilities to any Member if a proper appointment has been fixed and shared with the functional duty staff of respective hospital by the company .customer should cooperate for all the services as its focussed to deliver the services on first come first serve basis and specialist doctors atleast need minimum time since their slots are booked / reserved in one month advance basis

– The company shall not guarantee any assurance on the quality of services rendered by the hospital or any medical facility where appointment has been fixed , its upto customer and the hospital medical staff terms and conditions , we facilitate only an appointment fixing followed by a discount thats agreed with the medical facility . Thereby we dont endorse any guarantee for the treatment results or its quality .

Customer cannot claim any hospital bills by submitting to the company , the company does only discount on health care services and would vary from service to service and also would differ for the same service at various medical facilities .

Request to kindly go through all the terms and conditions before paying any payments online or through website to avail the product & its services

Customers should not transfer any amount to the personal accounts of the persons who claim to be staff of the company , we shall not take any responsibility if the amount is not received by the company , please refrain from any of those direct money transfers to individuals who claims to provide services .

Customer might get to know of the product  from any of the business sourcing channels be it any agency / DSA / certified family health Advisor , customer is requested to go through the product in detail refer to website , understand the terms and conditions and should take a decision to buy the product or not .

The company shall not be responsible for any such false promises made by the business sourcing channels .

Medical facilities – Discount pattern varies /  empanelment / disempanelment

The company shall have the right to terminate the engagement of such Medical Practitioner with immediate effect in the following circumstances:

– The Medical Practitioner fails to provide any or all of the Medical Facilities for which it has been agreed between both parties ; or

-In the event of any series of dissatisfaction by its members and the same has been validated by our compliance or network team

-If agreed discount procedures are not honoured as per the agreement made post validation of the same

– If the medical facility itself decides its inability and notifies us as not being able to serve the customers of Aarogya India health care services  for its own reasons disclosed / undisclosed

-The company reserves the right to modify these Terms from time to time and it shall be the responsibility of the Medical Practitioner to keep himself/herself updated with the Terms.